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Taking care of your body should not be seen as a boring physical chore, because to take care of your physical body (correctly) is to directly strengthen & expand your own Mental & Energetic health.

Every-Body Needs & Seeks different things in this Life.

You just need to discover what your body truly requires to help create it’s own sense of; Functional Well-Being




Matt The Trainer


The Hermetic Health Guide

Sussex / Kent / South London 



Skills & Qualifications


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  • Personal Training (Level 3 Diploma)
  • Sports Injury Rehab (Level 3 Diploma)
  • Deep Tissue Massage (Level 3 Diploma)
  • Accredited DNAFit Trainer (Level 2) 
  • Diploma in SAQTraining (Level 3)
  • Master FKProSuspension Kit Trainer 
  • Master Dynamic Movement Skills Coach
  • A1 Health & Fitness Assessor (Qualifies PT’s)
  • Accredited England RFU Coach (Level 2) 
  • HIIT Training & Conditioning Expert
  • Functional Movement Specialist
  • Power Chi Yoga Practitioner 
  • Sports Specific Water Fitness Coach
  • MMA Conditioning Specialist Trainer
  • Functional Nutrition & Fasting Expert
  • HIIT Circuit & Group Training Specialist

Fresh Fitness Services



Exclusive Personal Training Sussex


Exercise Your Body Like Never Before!

Personal Training in Sussex has never felt better than it does down at the

Fresh Fitness Studio

With a multitude of modern & ancient fitness training equipment, alongside a wealth of knowledge & experience from Matt The Trainer

A whole new dimension of physical & energetic health remains hidden within you!

Time to Re-Discover Yourself!

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Boutique Group Personal Training


Keep Motivated & Train With Your Friends

Boutique Group PT is a great way for you & your friends  to get the full Personal Training experience at a reasonable cost

Simply get your fitness crew together (4-6 ppl)  & arrange your weekly training days / times with Matt The Trainer

All sessions are held at the Fresh Fitness Studio, in the heart of the Ashdown Forest located in the middle of the  East Sussex Countryside.

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Stage Performer Fitness Training



Singer, Actor, Musician,

ALL Creatives Shades

Whatever your talents are in this life, whatever creative endeavors you take on in this world…

Stage Performer Fitness & The Hermetic Health  Guide, can help you to break free & Re-Connect with your physicality in a way that allows you to  achieve new heights in all your creative performance in Life or On Stage!

A Creative Fire resides within us all & the very same fire creates ALL things… even down to the air our lungs draw upon for breath



how to Re-Kindle that Creative Fire & how you may Shine bright in the world, from within the heart of knowing of your true fire 

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Personal Training Specialist


20 + years Experience



Functional Movement Expert


specialist Performance Coach

About Matt

Matt The Trainer  has over 20 years of practical experience in the health & fitness industry. With a sporting performance background in Athletics & Rugby alongside a love for Trail Running & Wild Swimming. Matt has gone on to utilise his knowledge & sporting experience to qualify at some of the highest levels of Sports Conditioning & Fitness Performance over his 20+ years as a Personal Trainer & Fitness Educator.

Having been a fully qualified Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist since 2002 / 2003 (a time before YouTube kids) Matt The Trainer has had a long & diverse career in the Health & Fitness Industry. Working in commercial gyms across Sussex & London – Luxury Spa & Fitness Facilities-Multi-Site Management of 5-aside football gyms. All the while developing his professional & personal skills as a trainer & educator in the industry he loves.

Matt has been a qualified A1 Health & Fitness Assessors /Sport Tutor Educator since 2006.

After go on to complete multiple industry qualifications –  another diploma in sports performance – and running many master class workshops for other personal trainers. He set up Fresh Fitness back in 2008 (a time before the iPhone kids)  where he has continued to work hands on every day in doing what he loves most…which helping clients take charge of their life & achieve their highest potential.

Matt The Trainer high level knowledge, wealth of practical experience, with a true understanding of every clients specific needs, likes, dislikes & everything in between… this allows him to help absolutely anyone unlock their full potential, no matter their current level of fitness or experience… making him a very unique fitness professional & educator.

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Intermittent Fasting ExperT


Sports training Specialist


A1 Qualified Tutor


15+ Years of Educating in the Fitness Industry


Fresh Fitness Studio

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