Stage Performer Fitness

Actor – Singer Musician – ALL Creative Shades

Whatever your talents are in this life, whatever creative endeavors you take on in this world…

Stage Performer Fitness & The Hermetic Health  Guide, can help you to break free & Re-Connect with your physicality in a way that allows you to  achieve new heights in all your creative performance in Life or On Stage!

A Creative Fire resides within us all & the very same fire creates ALL things… even down to the air our lungs draw upon for breath





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Learn how to Re-Kindle that Creative Fire within you. Learn how to Shine bright in this world,  shining from within the heart of knowing the true source of your own Creative Fire!

Stage Performer Fitness is all about learning how to ground into your own movement & body posture

Creating a solid level of Foundational Strength within the body, building a Strong Baseline Level of physical fitness & perfect posture, married with the learning of how your own Breath, controls both the inner & outer world of physicality & performance 

The type of ‘fitness’ your body requires is not the same as athletic performance & nor is it about aesthetics or how buff you bod looks!



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Awaken Your Body!

We utilizing a number of specialist techniques & training equipment, so you can be sure to strengthen your body in amazing new ways.

Learn to feel that Primal Force flowing  through your body.

Elevating your Creative Spirit to beautiful new heights

Matt The Trainer will specifically design you a Stage Performer Fitness program, that will truly ‘Awaken Your Body’

Helping you realize true inner strength & take your Stage Performer Fitness to another level!




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What Sets Us Apart


Matt The Trainer

20 years of hands on practical fitness industry experience with a dedicated trainer who can effortlessly tailor a program to suit any client requirements – even those with highly specific needs & schedule demands.


Fresh Perspectives

Forget what you think you know about fitness, nutrition, body posture & muscle control…until you’ve learnt the Fresh Way of Re-Connecting with All 3 of your Bodies. Mental Body – Physical Body – Energetic Body 


True Hermetic Health 

Every sessions is exciting & full of purposeful & specific physical, mental & energetic based interactions – Make no mistake about it…. you’re gonna sweat like you never thought possible! 

Although performance training was not my aim when I started seeing Matt,

I was astounded by how helpful his techniques proved for my return to the stage.

I had never felt so vocally strong or supported in my fifteen year acting career!”

– Anna Hope 

Award Winning Novelist & Actress

Fresh Fitness Studio Location

Located in the heart of the Sussex countryside, in the middle of the Royal Ashdown Forest.  We’re ideally situated between Central London & Brighton seafront. Giving you the ideal location to truly Re-Connect with yourself and start your Hermetic Health Journey.

Fresh Fitness Studio, Unit14/5 Hillsdown Farm Wych Cross, East Sussex RH17 7DH

01825 740 497