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1-2-1 Personal Training Sussex


Exercise Your Body Like Never Before!

Personal Training in Sussex has never felt better than it does down at the

Fresh Fitness Studio

With a multitude of modern & ancient fitness training equipment, alongside a wealth of knowledge & experience from Matt The Trainer

A whole new dimension of physical & energetic health remains hidden within you!

Time to Re-Discover Yourself!


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The Way Of

Hermetic Health

Boutique Group Personal Training


Keep Motivated & Train With Your Friends

Boutique Group PT is a great way for you & your friends  to get the full Personal Training experience at an affordable cost

Simply get your fitness crew together (4-6 ppl)  & arrange your weekly training days / times with Matt The Trainer

All sessions are held at the Fresh Fitness Studio, in the heart of the Ashdown Forest located in the middle of the  East Sussex Countryside.


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The Way Of

Hermetic Health

The Way of Hermetic Health





Your Mental Body



Your Physical Body



Your Energetic Body.


The Way of Hermetic Health is a profound set of tools that gives you a truly  Fresh Perspective on managing your Personal Health & Physical Conditioning.

Allowing  you to Re-Discover  your own sense of ‘Functional Well Being’




Re-Balancing the Mental body allows you to quieten down all the unnecessary & exhausting  mental chatter.

This allows for you to have a more Focused Intent upon Re-Connecting  & truly listening to the physical needs of your own body.

Constructively Challenging  yourself, both  physically & mentally on a daily basis is the Secret Key to Unlock  & Understand what truly fuels & fires up your Flesh Vehicle

Once the mind is still & the body fully aligned, you will begin to  Re-Experience  life via the Energetic body  & begin to see how you can  Re-Engage  with your own Mental / Physical / Energetic health on a daily basis.


Sit in the seat of the Alchemist & become the  Master of your own  Balance & Bliss.



The Way Of Hermetic Health 

Health & Fitness Program



Stage Performer Fitness Training


Singer, Actor, Musician,

ALL Creatives Shades

Whatever your talents are in this life, whatever creative endeavors you take on in this world…

Stage Performer Fitness & The Hermetic Health  Guide, can help you to break free & Re-Connect with your physicality in a way that allows you to  achieve new heights in all your creative performance in Life or On Stage!


A Creative Fire resides within us all & the very same fire creates ALL things… even down to the air our lungs draw upon for breath.


how to Re-Kindle that Creative Fire & how you may Shine bright in the world, from within the heart of knowing of your true fire 

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Mantra & Music Playlists



” Music IS A

Time Code

For The SOL “


Music IS Life!

The Rhythm of our own Personal Experience of this world, is governed by the Rhythm & Existence of ALL .

   Hermetic Principle


 The Principle of Rhythm

So to help keep you up & in rhythm with your daily activities  Mi-SELECTA has curated every kind of musical playlist & dance vibe, party hit list…ready for you to HIIT Hard & Complete your Fresh Fitness Challenges.

” Everything Flows, Out & IN

Everything has its Tides;

All things Rise & Fall;

The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing left;

Rhythm Compensates “

These Epic 12 Track Playlists  range from  – Jungle, Drum & Bass, Funky House, Hip Hop & classic rock to pump up your Workout Music Vibes 

OR start the day with something more Relaxed & Nourishing for the Soul; Mi-SELECTA Mantra is a curation of Meditation Music & Sacred Mantras to help elevate you in your Sadhana (spiritual practice) & in general daily life.

Mi-SELETA Mantra are the ideal calming music playlists that you can simply Select & Use to Relax & Soothe yourself (or the kids) off to sleep each and every night



Mantra & Music


 Playlists Available



Fresh Perspectives

A Series of WeAreFresh Podcasts



Learn To SEE A Fresh Perspective in This Life!

WeAreFresh Productions, has created a series of podcast; each one about a different  set of topics, yet all of them aimed at opening up hearts & minds – for the sake of all our future.

May we all begin to SEE &  Understand Our World in a New Light – See Our World with a  Fresh Perspective


Something For Everyone

Health, Fitness & Nutrition  Work, Life, Family, Parenting Music, Comedy, Theater, TV Sport, Movie, Entertainment

We’ll even talk about Magic,  Medicine, Plants, Wisdom,  Ancient Culture, Secret of Spiritual Knowledge  &  Cosmic Consciousness!


Our simple aim with the Fresh Perspectives Podcast Series is to have as many good honest conversations, with as many fun, interesting & diverse people as possible.

We aim to open up the eyes, minds & hearts of as many people as possible… simply sharing Fresh Perspectives from all sides of this Weird & Wonderful thing we call Life!


Fresh Perspectives

WeAreFresh Productions


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