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Anna Hope

Award Winning Novelist, TV & Theatre Actress


I came to Matt to train after having a baby. During the time we trained together I started acting for theatre again for the first time in almost a decade.


Personal Training Client 


Although performance training was not my aim when I started seeing Matt, I was astounded by how helpful his techniques proved for my return to the stage.

I had never felt so vocally strong or supported in my fifteen year acting career!

Matt’s training truly gives you the foundation you need to fly!

Anna Hope





Matt’s training truly gives you the foundation you need to fly!

Anna Hope


Henry Waddington 

World Renowned Opera Singer

Matt has transformed my whole attitude to training and nutrition, having suffered with a weight issue for most of my adult life!
This year I celebrated my 50th birthday and I have never felt as fit both mentally and physically.   

Personal Training Client 


Working as and Opera Singer I have managed to meet some big challenges and goals recently due to my renewed fitness and energy levels. This has resulted in critical acclaim and public recognition that I never thought possible.

HIIT training, resistance training and intermittent fasting are all part of the regime that Matt has taught me.

Quite simply without Matt’s teaching, guidance and friendship this would not have been possible.

Henry Waddington





Quite simply, without Matt’s teachings, guidance and friendship, none of this would have been possible.

Henry Waddington


What Clients Say




” I joined Fresh Hiits in September 2012 and I weighed 15st 9lb’s! My percentage body fat was a whopping 25% and my visceral fat was a worrying level 10! Matt was great, he sat me down we discussed my goals and he asked me to put my trust in him. When I did my measurements at the start of November my visceral fat was down to a level 6. My body fat percentage was down to 8% and my weight was down to 12st 6lb’s! I can’t tell you to do Fresh Hiits but if you want results then I’d certainly recommend it! Matt is great, he makes you believe in yourself, doesn’t push you beyond your limits…but makes you want to do it!!

Fresh Hiits IS the greatest workout…fact!! The nutritional advice is second to none, this really does work!! ”

Mark Windsor



“What an amazing workout! I’ve trained with Matt for a while now at his Fresh HIITs bootcamp class in East Grinstead. I can say without  doubt Matt has  given me all the encouragement &  support I needed to reach my goal weight. I went down a dress size and have changed my whole outlook on food with Matt’s guidance.”

– Kelly Peaty


“Matt is the kind of trainer that will push you to new levels. Having been a level 2 student of his and also getting involved with the famous Fresh HIITS. Matt taught me how to become a real fitness professional and how to truly teach and motivate people. Be prepared to sweat buckets and feel like you’ve been reborn again.”

– MAYOOR. J –  Personal TRainer


” The sessions are brilliant and we have a group of all ages and fitness levels. I have personally seen my fitness and strength improve tenfold, my body looks better and I now really love exercising. Highly recommend!! “

– Grace Anderson


“I trained with Matt at Fresh HIITs and he helped me reached so many goals including completing the London Marathon. As well as that Matthelped me overcome injuries so I could continue training. The training methods Matt introduced to me I still use today. Great coach who has helped me a lot.”



Fresh HIITs was a real fresh start for me. I was an unfit and unhealthy person, avoiding exercise at all costs and mostly eating pizza and pies! Now I look forward to my morning workouts and have a much healthier diet. There’s no way I would have started my fitness journey if it weren’t forMattand his Fresh HIITsworkouts..”










” Matt is a very inspiring man, whether it’s to do with fitness & training, nutrition, tutoring, or just giving you the encouragement you need to make a lifestyle change. He was my Level 2 Fitness Instructor tutor and gave me a brilliant insight into the fitness industry.

I am also a recently recovered sufferer of an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa. I’ve been taking part in Matt’s awesome Fresh HIITs workouts three times weekly for the past five months now, and I’ve also been using the nutritional products he recommends alongside a good clean eating plan – both my fitness and energy levels have increased dramatically. I’ve since been able to control what that dreaded number on the scales is. Matt has helped me drop my body fat by 11.9%!!

For someone who, just eight months ago was eating less than 1000 calories a day and still attempting to train like a beast (hah!) Matt has been the best tutor, trainer, motivator, friend – helping me get back on track.  He’s taught me that with the right training and nutrition plan, it’s perfectly ok to eat two breakfasts! And that a workout is not a workout until you breakdown – where breakdowns will often lead to breakthroughs!

It’s funny -even more motivating & inspiring now- to look back at our old training videos and see just how far I’ve come..
This amazing man has taken such an active part in my recovery & career, words don’t do him enough justice.

– Felicia Boardman

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