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Having built a strong reputation as a specialist 1-2-1 trainer and delivered health and fitness education to hundreds of personal training students over his 15+ year career. Matt The Trainer has fused both ancient knowledge and current science, alongside his own training expertise and technical know how in fitness, to deliver a unique and revolutionary training method that will re-train your Mind. Body. Spirit.


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“You’ll never know your own greatness, until your challenged outside the realms of your own sense of comfortability” 

– Matt The Trainer


ALL begins and ends within your mind. 


A beautifully mysterious and wonderfully complex thing is our mind…and so it can be our greatest weapon or our biggest enemy! By challenging the body in the physically sense, it’s the perfect way to focus and strengthen the minds eye.


Half the battle is just turning up.       


Our bodies are merely the vehicle to navigate this life.


Our bodies are but a flesh vehicle to help us experience this world to its fullest. So it makes absolute sense that we keep our vehicles in good working order, so that we can enjoy the ride of life and not miss out on all its wonderment.Simply because we miss-treated our own vehicle and it brakes down unnecessarily.


Your body is a reflection what you eat, breathe, think and do on a daily basis  


You must re-connect your Mind and Body in order to experience the Spirit.


We are undeniable connected to the world around us via our body and the mind within that vehicle. So it stands to reason, the stronger our mind / body connection is, the greater our sense of intuition & Functional Wellbeing will be.


Engage in physical activity to improve bodily function & mental wellbeing 

















Redefining Your Reality…Everyday! 

Fresh Fitness was founded back in 2008 by Leading UK Fitness Professional Matt The Trainer in order to deliver the high quality fitness training and weight loss advice to his local community.

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