What Is Block Fasting?

BLOCK FASTING  is the simplest and most adaptable way for anyone to start regularly using Intermittent Fasting, to help improve their bodies overall health and increase their daily energy levels.

We all lead very different lives and our personal life doesn’t always cater well to ‘the next best diet’ that’s out there. However science has show many benefits to regular Intermittent Fasting, but typically these ‘fixed methods’ don’t always suit everyday lifestyle for the vast majority of people.  

You might be a nurse who works the night shifts twice a week and struggles with energy levels on your days off OR your an athlete who struggles to balance training schedules alongside meeting your daily calories needs OR you might just simply want to experience all the benefits of Intermittent Fasting without being regimented by a ‘fixed method’ that doesn’t suit your current lifestyle. 

         How Does Block Fasting Work?

Using the Block Fasting method simply means you fast for a minimum of 3 BLOCKS in a row (16 hour fast, of which 8 hours is sleep) to a maximum of 6  BLOCKS in a row (28 hour fast) of which 8 hours is sleep can be included.

This method of Intermittent Fasting maximizes your bodies natural fat burning cycle more often, helping you to maintain good digestive health, strengthen your immune system and build capacity to resist stress, disease and ageing.



         Start With Some Easy Block Fasting

  •  Ensure you consume ALL your required calories during your select FEED BLOCK times.
  •  Keep hydrated throughout the day, especially during FAST BLOCKS.
  • Drink fresh lemon water every morning. (500ml + Fresh lemon slices)
  • Eat Low GI & Low Alkaline carbohydrates.
  •  For best results, avoid wheat’s, grains, high GI & starchy carbs. (bread, white rice, pasta, potatoes)
  •  Keep all meals and snacks to an 80% Alkaline Foods &  20%  Moderate / Acidic foods.

     Intermittent Fasting States      

      What Food Can I Eat?       

      How To Rock A #BlockFastingLifestyle      

        Take It Up A Gear With Some TOUGH Blocking

  • Black coffee or Loose Leaf Tea / Yerba Mate  is allowed on FAST BLOCKS (max 3 cups a day)
  • When you Break-Fast make sure this first meal is high protein, moderate carbs and contains good sources of fats (e.g. healthy Break-Fast shake)
  • Avoid processed foods – especially meats! 
  • Ensure you consume ALL your required calories during your select FEED BLOCK times. 
  •  Eat good sources of fresh food every 45 mins during your 1 FEED BLOCK.  (5 x 250-450 calorie meals)
  •  Keep all meals and snacks to an 80% Alkaline Foods &  20%  Moderate / Acidic foods.


Your body has 3 states of being when it comes to it’s food and energy balance.

First we have the Fed State  which occurs as soon as we eat. During this state the body takes time & energy to digest the food & absorb the nutrients from it. The“Fed State” lasts for 3-5 hours.

Next comes the Post-Absorptive State, where our body is not doing anything related to digestion of food or the absorption of nutrients. The “P.A. State” lasts for 8 – 12 hours after your last meal.

Then comes the most attractive FASTED STATE. This is the natural fat burning state of your body, which most people never experience.

The FASTED STATE does not start until about 12 hours after your last food consumption. So assuming that  your last food consumption was around 10:00 pm (most people snack in the evenings these days)  and you eat breakfast at a normal working day time of around 7:00 am, you would have not eaten for only about 8 – 10 hours. (your body can metabolically survive with out food for up to 3 weeks)  So your body is never reaching  this optimum Fasted State because your digestion continually cycles between the Fed State and the Post Absorptive State…meaning you’re putting your digestive tract under a constant work load (don’t forget it is just a big muscle) which puts undue pressure on the entire system and therefore becomes prone to digestive health issues….and obviously are  never utilizing your body’s natural fat burning cycle!

     How To Rock A #BlockFastingLifestyle    

       Start With Easy Block Fasting    

       What can I Eat?     

        Wanna Mix It Up?….Whatever Works For YOU!

  • Consume good sources of fats during your FEED BLOCKS. (avocado, coconut oil, cold olive oil)
  • Have a 2 BLOCK FEED before a longer FAST (24-28 hours)
  • Ensure you consume enough fibre during your FEED BLOCKS.
  • Have a 1 BLOCK FEED after a long FAST (24-28 hours) OR every other FAST, as this will help your body learn to process and absorb nutrients more efficiently. 
  • Keep hydrated throughout the day especially during FAST BLOCKS (lemon water / electrolytes)
  •  Keep all meals and snacks to an 80% Alkaline Foods &  20%  Moderate / Acidic foods.

        What Can I Eat When I’m On A Block Fasting Schedule?

When it comes to FEEDING its important that you are still eating good, nutritious, fresh foods and not filling your body with junk! Make food simple and enjoyable again, by choosing 5-7 of your favorite foods from our list and simply make different meals with them! So now you can have fun trying out new flavours and methods of cooking you favorite foods!

Here’s our list of the best food to eat when starting your new #BlockFastLifestyle

Show Me The Yummies! 


         Welcome to ULTRA Block Fasting….

  • Regular exercise is highly recommended alongside any BLOCK FASTING protocol.
  • If your new to Intermittent Fasting then ease into it by keeping your workouts close to, OR during your FEED BLOCKS. 
  • More experienced & physically active BLOCK FASTING users should do FASTED cardio or HIITs workouts and be in a FED STATE for any strength training workouts. 
  • Make sure you consume your daily protein needs during your FEED BLOCKS.
  •  Keep all meals and snacks to an 80% Alkaline Foods &  20%  Moderate / Acidic foods.

  How To Rock A #BlockFastLifestyle

Eat Fresh Wholesome Foods – NO JUNK!

Source the best quality foods you can find / afford and try look at food more from the perspective of…quality over quantity!

Ensure you eat ALL your recommended daily calories! These are specific to your age, health and activity levels – ironically you should never be hungry when you Block Fast.

Choose more nutritionally dense foods  and try to avoid processed foods and starchy based carbs.

Your plate should always have something green (eg Spinach, kale) and minimum 3 other bright colour foods like Tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, purple sprouting veg etc.

Saute cook your food (lightly pan fry) with good sources of fat, (grass fed butter, coconut oil, peanut oil) and steam your veg lightly as this keeps all the nutritional goodness in your food and it will taste deliciously fresh! 

You never want be eating for more than 2 BLOCKS (8 hours) in a single 24 hour period

Where possible try a 1 BLOCK FEED (4 hours) at least twice per week, so that you can get a few longer fasts in, which will help strengthen your immune system and help your body to reach (and stay in)  a State of Ketosis.

Ketosis is where your body switches from burning glucose (blood sugar) as a primary source of energy and uses fat as the primary source of energy, which means your body will naturally burns more fat cells – which keeps you looking and feeling healthier from the inside out!