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We Are Not Your Average Fitness GYm

Going to the gym can be really boring & grey.

You turn up to some built up urban sprawl – after sitting in rush hour traffic – before walking into the overwhelming intimidating – machine filled – testosterone fuelled sweat box… that is your average commercial fitness gym!

The Fresh Fitness Studio is situated in a secluded area of the beautiful Ashdown Forest within a unique artisan business community, set on 100 acres of organic, permaculture farm in the Sussex countryside.. All our sessions are by appointment only, as we are set within a secure gated community…so while we can’t guarantee they’ll be no traffic on the roads to the studio – we can assure you’ll breathe a sigh of relief as drive down into the beautiful natural setting of our welcoming fitness studio.    

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Matt Is Not  Your Average Trainer

Having been a fully qualified Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist since 2002 / 2003 (a time before YouTube kids) Matt The Trainer has had a long & diverse career in the Health & Fitness Industry. Working in commercial gyms across Sussex & London – Luxury Spa & Fitness Facilities – Multi-site management of 5-aside football gyms. All the while developing his professional skills as a trainer & educator in the industry he loves. Matt has been a qualified Industry Assessors / Educator since 2006.

After completing multiple industry qualifications –  another diploma in sports performance & running many master class workshops – Matt set up Fresh Fitness back in 2008 (a time before the iPhone kids)  where he has continued to work hands on in doing what he loves most…help clients take charge of their life & achieve their highest potential.

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 You’re Not Looking for Average Are You?

Average is not the worst – It’s also not the best – that what makes it…just average! There’s also No such thing as Perfection in this Life! For this is purely a relative idea of man to try & describe / label that which is unknowable to our senses.

We Are here to to go beyond what we think we know about ourselves & discover those un-tangible truths within. These truths lie within each of us as our Unrealised Creative Potential. Unlocking these doors of potential is key in living a more balanced & blissful way of life on a daily basis.

We’re here to help you unlock doors & Re-discover Your Own Mental – Physical – Energetic Health. 

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Why Not Take On The New Moon Challenge?

All New Cycles of Life Begin with a New Moon.   

This 12 Week progressive online program is encompassing of   all 3 bodily States Of Being

giving you all the online tools, guidance & resources needed to help you re-establish Your own natural rhythms & routines

Training in-line with who you are!

mental –  physical – energetic 


Program Launches 1st New Moon Cycle of 2022 = 2nd January 2022