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Fresh Start Fitness Pack

Special Offer Package for ALL New Clients 

The Fresh Start Fitness Package is designed for all new clients who want to experience what it’s like to exercise down in “The Cosmic Fitness Laboratory” under the insightful eye of Matt The Trainer

Your Fresh Start Fitness Package Includes:

3 x Personal Training Sessions

1 x Smart Scale Body Analysis

1 x Nutrition & Lifestyle Analysis

The Fresh Start Fitness Pack will help you open up a whole new dimension in understanding your Mental & Physical health.

In this simple – yet profound – 2 week training package you’ll begin to see & feel the difference in your own energetic health & start to understand what truly works for your own ‘Functional Well-Being’


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New Moon Challenge

12 Week Progressive Online Program 

The New Moon Challenge, is a 12 week progressive online training program that encompasses ALL 3 Bodily States Of Being. 

Mental – Physical – Energetic 

Giving YOU all the online tools, guidance & offline resources needed to help you Re-Balance your own natural Rhythms & Routines 

Learn How to Train in-line with who you are… 

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