forget the ‘Zero to hero’ approach this New Years! 

Join in this simple online challenge to help make your 2018 New Years Resolutions part of your daily lifestyle throughout the whole of 2018 and beyond! The #Fresh5Challenge is a easy to do 5 day challenge, where you take 1 simple healthy habit and do it for 5 consecutive days…then you add the next simple habit and do both those things for the next 5 days and you keep layering on the little everyday healthy habits, that with consistency and time add up to make a BIG difference to your lifestyle!   

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Watch @MattTheTrainer explain how the #Fresh5Challenge works on the @FreshFitnessUK Facebook page and he’ll take you step by step through your own #Fresh5Challenge journey.

Week 1 of the #Fresh5Challenge is the 5 pint of water challenge…see Matt’s video and additional guidance below.

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Week 1 – Drink 5 Pints (2.5 lt)  of Water everyday for 5 days straight #Fresh5Challenge

The whole essence of these challenges is to do a few good, healthy things consistently enough, so that they stick as a regular habit and become part of your everyday lifestyle.

Don’t worry If you feel that you need to build up to the #Fresh5Challenge bench marker of Drinking 5 Pints Of Water Everyday…. simply start at something manageable for your current level and then build on it every day for the next consecutive 5 days…when you hit the #Fresh5Challenge bench mark then simply keep it at that level for the next 5 days.     

Example of building up to #Fresh5Challenge marker:

Day 1 = 2 pints of water


Day 2 = 3 pints of water


Day 3 = 4 pints of water


Day 4 = 5 pints of water

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Our Next Layer Of #Fresh5Challenges

Move More

Try a simple daily movement routine, that can be practice anywhere anytime and is guaranteed to help free up your body from the daily stresses and struggles you body goes through.


#Fresh5Challenge Layering On 15th Jan


Learning to take time out for yourself (even just 5 mins) on a daily basis is imperative to keeping a healthy mind, for only in the quiet of our minds can we hear the true answers to our questions.


#Fresh5Challenge Layering On 22nd Jan


We’re all expected to be super productive in this day and age…but how do you boost your own levels of productivity when you’ve already got a busy  lifestyle and hectic schedule?


#Fresh5Challenge Layering On 29th Jan

Block Fasting 

The simplest and most convenient way to add  regular intermittent fasting  into your lifestyle, so you can see and feel the difference using this incredible effective method.


#Fresh5Challenge Layering On 5th Feb