Re-Connect With Your Mind – Body – Spirit 


ALL begins and ends within your mind. 


A beautifully mysterious and wonderfully complex thing is our mind…and so it can be our greatest weapon or our biggest enemy!

Challenging the body in the physically sense is the perfect way to strengthen / simulate it’s cognition, to helps us truly focus the minds eye. 


Don’t forget…half the battle is just turning up!       


Our body is simply a ‘flesh vehicle’ to help us experience & navigate this life.


Our bodies are nothing but a flesh vehicle to help us experience this world to its fullest.

Therefore it makes absolute sense, we keep our own vehicles in good working order, so that we can fully engage with the experience of life from day to day.

You don’t want to miss out on all the magic of life, simply because you neglected to take care of the most valuable asset you’ll ever own…


Your body is a reflection what you eat, breathe, think and do on a daily basis  


To experience & understand your true spirit’ – first you must re-connect with your own Mind and Body.


We’re undoubtedly deeply connected to one another & the surrounding natural world.

So, clearly we experience this life via our physical body, it’s natural senses & the actions/intentions of our own minds – in any given moment…

Therefore the stronger we’re connected to the foundations of our mind & bodies operation  – the greater the understanding of ourselves & the deeper the sense of connection to the people around us & ultimately towards our highest self.


Daily physical challenges improve your mental strength & Functional Well-Being 

This symbol, also related to Pythagorean teachings, combines the basic geometry symbols of a triangle, a circle, and a square. It is generally interpreted as a symbol of transformation that tells the student that body, mind, soul and spirit must all work together for enlightenment

 The Hermetic Seal Of Light

The ‘Hermetic Seal of Light’ is a symbol, related to Pythagorean teachings, which combines the basic geometry symbols of a triangle, a circle, and a square.

For thousands of years, the seal of light has generally been interpreted as a symbol of transformation, which tells the student – Mind, Body & Spirit must all work together for enlightenment of the soul.

 Understanding the Knowledge of Self

Knowledge is the ultimate key to the human experience True knowledge & understanding of yourself is a secret held by the ancient culture of the world as the real alchemy of life – as to truly “Know Thyself”  will open the door to understanding this life experience. WAF Foundation  Reading List is the ideal start toward your search for knowing life truths  



Learn how to FUEL your body properly

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 Understanding the 10 SOL Principles

SOL – Stoic Open Learning – is a school of thought that provides clear, rational, logical, & practical guidance in helping you to discover & expand your own knowledge & understanding of your-self in this life



Learn the ancient art of FASTING the body

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 Understanding the ‘Fresh Perspectives’

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Learn & Practice the Science of BREATH 

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