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Specialist Fitness Conditioning For Actors, Singers & Stage Performers

Building Foundational Strength For Optimal Performance

Performing on any stage, screen or studio environment requires you to be fully focused on the task in hand, and no matter what your specialist skill set is – acting, singing performing etc – the last thing you want to be ‘thinking about’ is your fitness levels.

The type of ‘fitness’ your body requires is not the same as athletic performance, nor is it how ‘buff you bod is’….it’s all about the foundational strength and grounding your body has at the absolute baseline level that really counts.

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By utilizing a number of specialist techniques & one of a kind tensile resistance based training equipment’ developed by Matt himself, you will come away from every session feeling nothing but the primal energy your body was designed to give to the world.

Enhance your natural acting, signing or performing talents to the next level with Matt The Trainer at the exclusive Fresh Fitness Training Studio 

With over 14 years of fitness industry experience, 9 years of educating trainers & 4 years of specialist program development, Matt The Trainer can help you ‘awaken’ your bodies inner strength and take your performance to the next level.


Specialist Fitness Coach For Acting & Vocal Artists

Together we’ll raise your game & strengthen your bodies foundations.

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Change Your Mindset

Forget what you think you know about fitness, nutrition, body posture & muscle  control until you’ve tried it the Fresh way! 


What Sets Us Apart 

14 years of hands on practical industry experience with a dedicated trainer who can effortlessly tailor a program to suit any client….even those with highly specific needs and schedule demands.


Work Out Like You Mean It

Every sessions is exciting and full of  purposeful interactions….but make no mistake about it you are gonna sweat like you never thought possible! 

Where We Are

We are perfectly situated in a beautiful and rural area of Sussex that is only 45 mins from London & 25 mins from Brighton 

Fresh Fitness Studio

Unit 14 , Hillsdown Farm, Twyford Lane, East Sussex RH17 7DH


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